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Freelance Recruiter Service

Working with a 360° Freelance Recruiter.

A 360° Freelance Recruiter Service that can seamlessly help startups, SMEs and integrate into your in-house recruitment team to meet your business objectives.

We help whether you have an in-house recruitment team or not. To assess and select experienced talents for various roles.

  • A freelance Recruiter can instantly expand your in-house recruitment / talent acquisition team without adding to the headcount.
  • Support services to provide startups and SMEs the help and control of their complete hiring process, if need be.

You engage a freelance recruiter (full-time/part-time) for a prearranged time period or till your business requirement lasts.

This will also include:


Focus on the value of hire

As an experienced freelance recruiter service, we understand the value of hire, as bad hires can cost a company dearly. We have the requisite experience in handling complex hiring processes and delivering sourcing strategies.


Your company brand story

The freelance recruiter service operates as an integral part of your organization representing your brand as well as business interests. The recruiter will have the understanding of your brand and imbibe your company’s DNA.


Use of our ATS

We make use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to start work immediately. This saves crucial time, which would have otherwise gone into providing access to the contractor into your internal systems.

Minimum management

Each member of our recruiting team has the requisite expertise and experience. Once our team members are briefed about your company, processes, and recruitment strategy, they pick up from there.

Work remote or in–house

A freelance recruiter can either work remotely or in-house, if needed. As soon as we get the go-ahead, our members begin working on the assignment in right earnest.


Sick Cover

In case any of the assigned recruiter falls sick, another team member of our team takes up the responsibility. We even leverage the overall team’s experience should the need arises.

The advantages of hiring a Freelance Recruiter Service:

  • Frees up time for you and your team to focus on managing stakeholders, succession planning, and taking the final steps in making quality hires.
  • Gives you precise control over your recruitment budgets.
  • Lets you to remain in control concerning every aspect of the hiring process.
  • In league with your direct outsourcing strategy.
  • Adds to your talent workflow.
  • Doesn’t add to the numbers of your permanent staff.
  • Offers a seamless branded experience to your candidates.


  • We charge a fixed amount for our services.
  • Do not pay anything extra but for the requisite level of service (should you need a recruiter to work for three days a week for eight weeks, you shall pay for the same only.)
  • You are not locked-in to any long-term contract. It is up to you to decide on engaging us based on your needs on a monthly basis.

How does a 360° Freelance Recruiter fare?

A Freelance Recruiter can easily score over a full time Recruitment Processing Outsourcing (RPO) in terms of increased flexibility and immediacy of job. Since we do not charge any placement fee, we are way more affordable than an RPO.

Even though the charges of engaging a freelance recruiter can be similar to an RPO, there are differences as well. We come prepared as a full-fledged team that is ready to start. So, no loss of time for illnesses or holidays as you can better focus on your business.

Furthermore, should you be needing our services again, we will be there to take up the assignment in right earnest.

For a fast-growing company like yours, should you be in need of resources for a big project on an immediate basis, our efficient freelance recruiter service can help you to recruit quality resources in the shortest possible time.

Irrespective of the situation, we can assist you in three areas:


38 tools to source and attract top-class candidates, both active as well as passive. Outside the standard tools which includes:

  • Conducting online research
  • Networking
  • Digital approach
  • Advertising – “Not a Post & Pray” approach 
  • Social media
  • Phone approach
  • Candidate Database

Selection Assessment Methods

We manage responses and shortlist quality candidates thereby saving your team crucial time and cost. As freelance recruiters, we provide:

  • CV selection
  • Interviewing candidates – in person, on phone or video
  • Talent management
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Behavioral Based Questionnaire Assessments.

Strategy & Advice

Our recruitment team comprises professionals backed by years of experience in the public and private sectors.

Our advice can include streamlining workflows, optimizing resources, talent sourcing, and strengthening the talent pipeline.