Our Approach

Our Approach

So, what are the benefits of an Executive Search over a recruitment agency?

Basically, a recruitment agency provides you with applicants who are already existing in their catalogue. They are mainly concerned with unqualified applicants who have responded to their advertisements or off the chance have submitted their resume. Nevertheless, most of the time, they do not give an in-depth thought on how the applicants profession backgrounds may have arisen. This may be seen as they are more concerned with quantity vs quality.

Q : Were the applicant under performing in their current or past role, which is the reason they were shown the door?

Q : Were they unhappy with their present job profiles which made them opt for a change.

In both the cases, these people cannot be the right choice for an organisation looking for the most suitable talent for high-end managerial positions. It is rarely the case that top performers / talent will be actively seeking for jobs in their respective profiles without any form of complaint.

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a leading priority for organizations globally, then they need to be headhunted. No general recruitment consultant will be able to provide you such talents consistently.

This apart, the most important quality that makes Konfer Executive Group (KEG) so unique and different from a recruitment agency is the way we communicate with our clients, and establish a relationship with them. KEG takes into consideration their specific needs and detects talents who are completely eligible for that role. Also, this relationship gives KEG an insight into the company’s culture, vision and objectives to understand their needs beyond the mentioned profile descriptions.

KEG sole aim is to create a match by researching thoroughly the company’s requirements as well as the qualities and credibility’s of individual talents. Furthermore, KEG is completely aware of the market scenario, publicizing thus, the company to talents who would comprehend it as the best fit.

In a recruitment agency, it is the other way around. The people come seeking for jobs which suit their individual needs and preferences. But, at an Executive Search, the company is sold as a resource to the top performers who can make the most of it, giving you thus the opportunity to work with some of the high-profile candidates in the industry.

As one of the energetic Executive Search companies, we are no different. It is our sole objective to hunt those talents down and vend your company to them, who will be able to take it up the success ladder. At KEG, we upgrade our network constantly by researching the market and finding you the best matches over time. We are dedicated to our approach to getting you the precise talents for highest profiles and we leave no stone unturned to ensure success in that.