What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Headhunted Candidates?


The talent shortage is a severe concern for companies in the post-COVID times. At the same time, the job board needs to find the candidates an organisation is searching for. A headhunting firm can come to the rescue by identifying the best candidates who match the requirements of the companies. Nevertheless, the candidates who’ve been … Continue reading “What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Headhunted Candidates?”

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How to Conduct Salary Negotiations With Candidates.


Did you lose a talented candidate by lowballing a salary offer? Salary negotiations are a two-way street where the employer and candidate meet with their individual expectations and must come to a mutually beneficial agreement. When you’re an employer, it’s essential to offer a salary that justifies the candidate’s talent and experience based on the … Continue reading “How to Conduct Salary Negotiations With Candidates.”

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How Executive Search Can Solve the Current Skills Deficit?


According to the latest research by Virgin Media O2 Business and Censuswide, 55% of the organisations in the UK are facing talent shortages as the war for talent rages on. Needless to say, technology is a key battleground in contemporary times. In such circumstances, UK employees are saying that they don’t have the required digital … Continue reading “How Executive Search Can Solve the Current Skills Deficit?”

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Hiring in post-pandemic – Challenges and Remedies.


During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, most companies had stopped recruiting and the availability of candidates was through the roof because of unemployment. If you fast forward to the present day, countries are experiencing the worst labour shortage, staff availability has decreased to a great degree plus there has been an increase in … Continue reading “Hiring in post-pandemic – Challenges and Remedies.”

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Recruitment Trends & Challenges in the Transport & Logistics Industry.


Every industry goes through a spell of recruitment which might be massive pressure on its part. This is why contacting one of the top headhunters in Germany keeps them at ease and gets the job of successfully recruiting mid to senior-level candidates.   Top Trends & Challenges We have discussed the top trends and challenges … Continue reading “Recruitment Trends & Challenges in the Transport & Logistics Industry.”

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Which Are The Top Red Flags Headhunters Check for on LinkedIn?


Major headhunting firms are always busy finding the best candidate for their client company. In doing so, they make the most impactful use of LinkedIn, which has become an effective tool for a close candidate search. However, while doing so, headhunting firms like us come across certain aspects which are a big ‘no no’. These … Continue reading “Which Are The Top Red Flags Headhunters Check for on LinkedIn?”

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How Can HR Departments Benefit From Headhunting Firms?


Every human resource (HR) department is weighed down by many responsibilities that are mainly meant for this department. However, the HR departments sometimes have to fulfil other duties and responsibilities that belong to another department. One such task is to recruit candidates for vacant positions in the company. Even though they accomplish the recruitment goals, … Continue reading “How Can HR Departments Benefit From Headhunting Firms?”

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Major Hiring Challenges Faced by the Financial Industry: Reasons & Remedies


Every sector worldwide is bound to face the ups and downs when it comes to hiring top-notch talents. However, if you have looked closely at this issue, bad hires or significant hiring challenges will plague your mind. The financial industry is one such sector where organizations, offices, enterprises, and the likes, have witnessed and experienced … Continue reading “Major Hiring Challenges Faced by the Financial Industry: Reasons & Remedies”

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Differences Between Headhunting and Recruiting Services


The terms headhunting and recruitment are often mistaken, and most people believe that they are nothing different but the same. To break such myths, you only need to learn about their true nature and the most striking differences between the two. This blog will thus help you to seek headhunting firms and recruitment agencies accordingly … Continue reading “Differences Between Headhunting and Recruiting Services”

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Facing hiring blues? Try a freelance recruiter


The global business landscape is increasingly shaped by the gig economy where flexible jobs have become commonplace. Furthermore, there has been an increasing tendency among professionals, especially those belonging to the technology domain, to switch jobs rather frequently. This high rate of attrition is often pushing companies to the brink as they find it difficult … Continue reading “Facing hiring blues? Try a freelance recruiter”

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Making an Interview Presentation Successful


Professionals the world over consider clear communication as an important requirement for success in any job, more so with pressurised interview situations. There is an increasing tendency among interviewers to ask job candidates in presenting their achievements and skill set as a live presentation. The recruitment process for careers like sales, public relations, marketing, and … Continue reading “Making an Interview Presentation Successful”

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The Role of CIO In Technologically Driven Businesses


The Chief Information Officer, aka CIO, is the corporate executive looking after the various strategies in information technology (IT) and their implementation in an organization.   The Role of a Chief Information Officer The role of CIO is typically to look after the technologies that are being used in the organization, and providing information and … Continue reading “The Role of CIO In Technologically Driven Businesses”

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Want To Become A Senior Manager? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So


Working hard to reach a certain position in life feels great. Becoming a manager is a great way to boost a professionals’ advancement in his/her career. Not only does the remuneration increases, but so does the status quo. Managers and IT executives are responsible for everything that goes on in an organization. From coordinating teams … Continue reading “Want To Become A Senior Manager? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So”

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H-1B Visa Holders To Be Affected By Trump’s Latest Visa Proposals


The Trump Administration has been facing a lot of backlash from the lawmakers in the country along with corporate leaders for the imposition of the strict H-1B visa rules. The H-1B visa allows foreigners to take jobs in the US for a particular period of time. It also enables US companies to hire employees from … Continue reading “H-1B Visa Holders To Be Affected By Trump’s Latest Visa Proposals”

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6 Catch words That IT Executives Should Definitely Know About


The demand for IT executives is high in the industry. Most companies want the best executives to lead their business to the pinnacle of success. Hence, much attention is paid to the interview process. While being an executive definitely raises the stake to the next level, being cautious about what you speak during the interview … Continue reading “6 Catch words That IT Executives Should Definitely Know About”

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Working Conditions: A Major Factor That Influences Executive Job Seekers


With the global job market merging together and becoming one, most people are travelling all around the globe to find better opportunities. With the increasing demand for IT executives, it only seems that the number of people travelling has gone up significantly. According to a report released by a leading institution, there is an anticipated … Continue reading “Working Conditions: A Major Factor That Influences Executive Job Seekers”

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