Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Konfer Executive Group is committed to preserving the privacy of all personal information of the clients collected across the various mediums. To ensure smooth completion of the recruitment process, it is important to maintain a necessary list containing all these personal information. We are GDPR compliance and every information collected by us remains in safe hands.

What does it mean to be GDPR compliance?

Effective from May 25th, all individuals as well as organizations that operate within the geographic territory of EU and EEA that collect and process personal data of the members residing within in EU and EEA, are required to register for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure the protection of various personal information of the members.

Konfer Executive Group collects and uses your personal information to provide full service and support to the candidates in the development of their career. Hence, this information can be beneficial in informing the candidates about prospective openings.

We share your personal information with our clients for monitoring and recruitment purposes. Information will not be forwarded to any third parties with exception of our clients and agents who process data on our behalf of our business without the consent of the individual. To know more about the privacy policy of the third party clients, it is ideal to visit the individual websites.

To ensure that the information collected is secured, access is limited and restricted. We have provided our staff and employees with adequate training to handle this sensitive information. Since the personal information collected is in lieu with you, you are at the absolute liberty to choose whether you want us to keep the information in our database or not. Once you opt out of our services, you will stop receiving all recruitment related information from us.

What information do we collect?

Information including names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses are collected by us and processed at our offices. Details regarding race, gender, marital status and disabilities may be collected for monitoring purposes only and will only be passed on to our clients for their monitoring purposes. Any other sensitive personal data will only be collected and processed in the context of providing recruitment services.

Information is composed and retained by us for the following purposes:

Aligning candidate details to job opportunities

Forwarding details of candidate’s experience and skills, but without personal contact data, to clients who might be interested in engaging with them for their services

Keeping candidate’s informed of job opportunities and assignments which we think may be of interest

Essential processing during a contract assignment

Keeping clients and candidates informed of services offered by us, our group companies or our business partners

Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer when visiting a website. To improve user experience, track website performance and collect anonymous statistical data, we collect cookies. To prevent us from collecting cookies, you can change the setting of your computer accordingly. To know more about cookies, click here. (

Individuals will have access to personal information held on them subject to strict security controls. On request, we will provide information in writing about individual information stored on our database. If you find any discrepancy in the information collected, please do inform us readily of any changes to your information.

We have technical and organizational security measures in place to ensure the security of information and to protect it against deliberate or accidental manipulation, destruction, loss or unauthorized access.

Individuals are, at any time, to request the removal of any information we hold about them.

If you have any requests concerning these uses of information please contact

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