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    If you have the following issue with your Technology projects which are not being delivered on time due to the lack of particular skill sets, or your tech leader is not aligned to the realities of your organization’s tech, business, and budget, rely on us. We are here to help your organization thrive! With our entrepreneurial skills, we strive to excel beyond our limits.

    Konfer Executive Group (KEG) is a niche boutique tech and Non-tech Executive search firm and one of the top headhunters in Germany. Founded in 2017, we work mainly with global start-ups and small to medium enterprises and organizations that need professional assistance to attract, acquire and retain top and skilled tech & non-tech Leaders, Sales, Business Designs, Human Resources, IT Architects, and solutions Design professionals. We find the most befitting professional for any top-level profile by being attentive to your requirements and analytical of your working strategy and culture. Diversity is also one of our X-factors when recruiting the best executives and adding value to your company.

    At KEG, one of the top headhunters in Germany, our consultants have over 55 years of combined experience in headhunting and hiring senior-level talent for organizations across the globe. In addition, the consultants have strategic strength, multicultural sensitivity, and acumen to select the best among the equals. These factors attract the most competent individuals to get hired by us. Moreover, our international presence gives us the choicest opportunities to get the best minds under our umbrella. Besides, our high-touch and ethical headhunting approach allows us to differentiate and tailor our recruitment process to meet the individual needs of our clients.

    As one of the top headhunters in Germany, we focus on result-driven executive search strategies to ensure the delivery of exceptional talents most effectively and efficiently possible. By adhering to the international code of ethics and professional guidelines, we bring to the table handpicked individuals. We must deliver promising results not only because that is what our client demands but because we also want to see ourselves as specialists whose work and dedication stand up to the test of other specialists.

    Typical roles we recruit:

    • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Head of Architecture and Strategy
    • IT Director
    • IT Manager
    • Technology Architects
    • Security Architects
    • Solutions Architects
    • Enterprise Architects
    • Business Designers
    • Solutions Designers
    • Director of Technology
    • Management Information Systems Director
    • Technical Operations Officer
    • Architecture Management Roles
    • Program Portfolio Architects
    • Cloud Architects
    • Information Data Architects
    • Chief Human Resource Officer
    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Sales Directors, to name a few.
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