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    As you rise that corporate ladder, the harder it is to rise higher. This is because the opportunities are fewer. At any given moment, there are thousands of vacancies for junior managers and hundreds for middle managers. But what about the senior roles? If your next step will take you to the top echelons of your industry, there might be just a handful of openings every year.

    Therefore, you need to market your career capital elsewhere. Now the only problem is that you must set your talent as a competitive differentiator. Especially because we are in a candidate-driven market.

    The job search process can feel like a job all on its own. It is a long and exhausting process that many people don’t have time for, don’t have experience with, or simply do not enjoy doing. When you need a job as soon as possible, it’s even more stressful. This is where a Personal Recruiter can help!

    Our Personal Recruiter service can make your life easier by managing your entire job search. Save time and do what you love while we bring you the interviews. While we are more than equipped to help mid-career professionals, the majority of our clients for this service are senior executives. Directors, VPs, or C-level suite with salaries ranging from 100,000 € – 500,000 € or equivalent in your country currency.



    We start off working on your Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter

    Job Searching

    Once we have your marketing materials, we will search for relevant fittings jobs that match your profile. We find them, you approve them


    After approving a job, we will fill out the application for you using a customized ATS compatible resume.


    We will identify and contact key individuals on your behalf in order to arrange interviews and networking meetings

    Interview Prep

    Once you get an interview, we will be available by phone, email, or chat to offer interview coaching and materials

    1. Send us your interview
      recordings and get
    2. Ask us to help you
      research the company
      or interviewer.
    3. Ask us for help with
      salary negotiation.
    4. Our interview prep is

    A PR can save 200+ hours………. Yes, we can save you 200+ hours of job searching. But more importantly, since we job search for a living, we like to think we are better at it than the average joe.

    By allowing us to work for you, you will save time and rest easy knowing that a professional is managing your job search. Leaving you to spend time with what means most.

    Without A PR Service Estimated Job Search 6 Months

    • Job postings found = 104
      104 postings found = 43 hours
      25 mins to find each job
    • Job applications submitted 104
      104 applications submitted = 35 hours
      20 mins per application
    • Custom resumes submitted 104
      104 custom resumes = 26 hours
      15 mins per custom resume
    • Networking messages sent 250
      520 networking messages = 87 hours
      10 mins per messages
    • Job interviews 6
      6 unique job interviews = 12 hours
      2 hours prep/research per interview

    With a PR service estimated job search 3 months

    • Job postings found = 52
      52 postings found = 0 hours
      we find the jobs , you approve them!
    • Job applications submitted 52
      52 applications submitted = 0 hours
      we do it for you!!
    • Custom resumes submitted 52
      52 custom resumes = 0 hours
      we do it for you!!
    • Networking messages sent 260
      260 networking messages = 0 hours
      we do it for you!!
    • Job interviews 6
      6 unique job interviews = 12 hours
      2 hours prep/research per interview

    Total 203 hours spent job searching

    Total 12 hours spent job searching

    FAQs Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Is the Personal Recruiter (PR) Service

    Our PR service was created to offer busy professionals a solution to job searching on their own? Each PR client will be paired with a dedicated job search consultant who will be responsible for managing the time-consuming art of job searching. Our professional job search consultant will be responsible for searching for jobs on your behalf, applying to the jobs you approve, and networking with key decision-makers to land you interviews. We are also available 5-days a week for unlimited 1-on-1 strategy calls, interview preparation, and more. Our legendary PR service is designed to make your life easier. No longer will you have to fill out lengthy job applications, update your resume for the job, or network with key decisionmakers on LinkedIn. Our pros do all the work for you with the first-ever fully managed job search service.

    How Much Does The Personal Recruiter Service Cost?

    Our PR service costs €997 .00 + VAT per month (monthly subscription ). Which includes limited access to Resume , LinkedIn , and Cover Letter writing services . According to an August 2019 study done by The Bureau of Labor Statistics , the average duration of unemployment was 22.1 weeks.

    Do You Guarantee a Job?

    No. Konfer Executive Group does not guarantee a job as a result of using our service. Since we don’t require any long-term contracts, we know that we have to provide significant results in order for you to feel comfortable renewing your Personal Recruiter service. If you don’t love what you see by the end of the first month, you are under no obligation to renew.

    What Types of Professionals Do You Work with?

    The higher-up you climb the corporate ladder the more challenging it can be to find a suitable position. While we are more than equipped to help mid-career professionals, the majority of our clients are Directors, VPs, or C-Level candidates with salaries ranging from 100,000€ – 500,000€ or equivalent to your country currency. Roughly 85% of our clients are outside Germany.

    Do You Offer Traditional Career Coaching?

    Yes. Our PR service described above is a premium service for anyone who would like to hire someone to find them a job. If you’d prefer the “teach a man to fish” option, you can take a look at our Career Coaching Services. The Career Coaching services are designed to teach you everything you need to know to perform a successful job search. We will show you exactly what our Job Search Consultants do on a daily basis. This is a great option for anyone who would rather learn how to job search rather than paying someone else to do it.

    What makes this service unique?

    We’ve taken job search services to the next level by offering the most in-depth fully managed job search service in the world. Our goal is to stick with you throughout the entire job search journey. No other company that we are aware of will have a professionally trained representative identify jobs that meet your criteria, apply to the jobs you approve on your behalf, network with key decision-makers to win you interviews and prep you for your interviews.

    How much time will you spend with me each month?

    Our PR will never work with more than 4 clients at any given time. We average 3.5 clients at any given time throughout the year. This allows us to allocate ~10 hours per week on your search. Believe it or not, what we do in 10 hours is what the average Joe would do in 20-40 hours. We are highly efficient and effective since this is something that we do every day, for a living.

    Can you guarantee you’ll find my dream job?

    No. Of course not! You should be skeptical of any company out there who says they can “guarantee you a job”. While we will do everything we can to help, our clients are still responsible for a variety of factors that will result in a job such as interviewing etc.

    Resume Writing FAQ:

    Why should I choose The Personal Recruiter service?

    Konfer Executive Group has a commitment to excellence like no other. We proudly hire only Professional Resume Writers (PRWs) and never use a cookie-cutter approach. Our writers have experience in 85+ unique industries/professions which allows us to assign you a writer based on your unique background and experience. If that wasn’t enough, we offer a 60-day interview guarantee promising that if you are not completely satisfied with your resume within 60-days, we will rewrite it for you one time at no charge. Need more convincing? Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Konfer Executive Group.

    How does the resume process work?

    This is an additional paid service. Once signed for the PR service you will receive an email requesting that you send over your resume (if you have one) and any supporting documents to our registration portal. If you require our resume writing service Rob will then assign your resume to the most qualified writer based on your background. Expect to be contacted by your writer or a member of our team within 1 business day after to schedule your branding and strategy call.

    What is your turnaround time?

    You will receive your first draft for review within 3-5 business days from the time you complete your consultation with your personally assigned writer. (If you only require the Resume Writing Service – You can request our Priority Service for €420 which guarantees your first resume draft within 48 hours from your consultation or 330.00€ for review within 3-5 business days).

    After I sign up, when will my writer contact me?

    As soon as you sign up, you will receive two emails. One is an order receipt. The other provides instructions prompting you to send us your resume (if you have one). You will be contacted by your writer within 1 business day of sending us your resume.

    Are there any recurring payments?

    No, all of our services are one-time investments paid upfront.

    What do I need to get started?

    After placing your order, you will receive an email requesting that you send us your resume and any supporting documents. If you have sample job descriptions you are interested in, we’d love to see them too. If you don’t have a resume or any supporting documents, don’t worry. We can still get started without any of these documents.

    What is the 60-day interview guarantee?

    All resume clients will receive our 60-day interview guarantee. Plain and simple, if you are not satisfied with the number of interviews you have received with our professionally written resume, we will rewrite it for you one time at no additional charge.

    Career Coaching FAQ:

    Why should I choose KEG Career Coaching?

    Konfer Executive Group was conceived in 2017 and since then, we have been perfecting our Career Coaching Services. Our career coaching services are designed to cover all aspects of a successful job search. Whether you need help finding the perfect jobs, customizing your resume, or networking with key decision-makers at your target companies, we’ll show you the most relevant job search strategies that we’ve spent 1000s of hours developing and refining.

    Whom will I be working with?

    Our career coaches are former recruiters, resume writers, HR professionals, and so much more. We are extremely particular with the career coaches that we hire and provide extensive training opportunities to stay upto-date with the latest job market trends.

    What types of jobs can you help find?

    In short, we can help find just about any job there is. We have worked with clients in dozens of industries and professions global. Whether you are a lawyer, teacher, federal government employee, or a c-level executive, we have got your back.

    What cities/states, countries do you work in?

    We can work globally, conducting 1 on 1 virtual consultations.

    Can you guarantee you’ll find my dream job?

    No. Of course not! You should be skeptical of any company out there who says they can “guarantee you a job”. While we will do everything we can to help, our clients are still responsible for a variety of factors that will result in a job. Visit our Career Coaching page to learn more about what we offer.

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