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Who We Are

Who We Are

Senior Management Recruitment Firm

We are a platform to develop your organization’s future!

As a leading senior management recruitment firm, Konfer Executive Group is involved in executive head-hunting, as well as, providing consultative advice and leadership coaching which helps to shape the apex of your organization’s power pyramid.

Having a combined experience of 40+ years in the fields of culture shaping, leadership consulting and executive search,  we help you meet your business objectives through recruitment of some of the most proficient leaders in the industry to occupy peak positions in your organization. We have extensive experience in recruiting of senior executives for the IT and Technology sector.

In the cut-throat highly competitive world, our extended help will lead you through the noise to your goals successfully.

We lead you to your goals!

Leaders are integral to any organization big or small. Our recruitment services have helped many a business create their senior leadership team including Board Of Directors, CEO, Senior Managers, Business Development Managers, Chief Information Officer and more. We have also provided leadership coaching to members with the talent and knowledge but lacking the courage or the insight to handle a senior position. We have helped them develop the confidence to take the chair and proceed. And, when the leaders are confident in what they do, your organization has nothing to do but succeed.

We help your organization succeed!

At Konfer Executive Group, we help build the pillars of any organization, be it a startup, a small business or a large-scale enterprise. With our efficient team and our dedication to commitment, we sincerely provide a base for the growth of your organization.

We help you grow!