4 Ways Executives Can Optimize Their Job Application In Germany


4 ways executives can optimize their job application in germany

A strong economy that is only getting bigger by the day, Germany has become a hot-spot for executive job seekers. Germany has long been the seat of international businesses, hosting the top MNCs. The economy has further strengthened with new companies coming up. This has also enhanced the need to find expert CEOs and CIOs who are not only suitable for the positions but people who can contribute to the country’s economy. The plethora of opportunities in the country has prompted many executives to apply for employment. However, to crack a job, there needs to be made certain efforts. With the right tips and tricks to apply, finding a job can become easier. To yield maximum result from your search for the dream job here has been summarized a few ways that will help optimize the application. Keep reading to find out more.

Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter

The first step to any job application- improve your resume and cover letter. A good CV is half the job done already. A short and crisp yet informative and competitive resume is what you need to stand out from the plethora of other application the employer receives. A good CV can either make or break your chances of finding a job in Germany. Invest a good amount of time and effort when putting together a CV. As for the cover letter, remember that it fills the gap for all the information that you couldn’t add in your resume. You have to sell yourself and presenting your good qualities is what you need to do. Keep the tone professional; skip all the sarcasm for a later time. There are a few things you should keep in mind when formatting your resume and cover letter:

• The resume should not be any longer than 2 pages and a single page is ideal for the cover letter. You can apply the KISS Method i.e. Keep It Short & Simple.

• Be professional, confident, warm and positive. Put your achievements within each job role you have undertaken in the past, regardless small or large. This helps build confidence.

• Try and avoid raising red flags with unwanted details and information

• Use the right font style: Times Roman, Calibre or Ariel. The font size should be at least 12. The font size and style in both the documents should be similar.

• References and recommendations should be put in separate pages.

Find the Right Consultancy

If you are truly interested in finding a job in Germany, you need to hire the services of a consultancy. This will help you find a job that suits your profile and preferences. Looking for a job at an executive level needs to be customized, and this is what a consultancy does. By personalizing your profile, the experts at a consultancy can help you reach out to the right companies and employers. Employing a reputed international search executive consultancy will reduce your hard work while boosting your chances of finding a job that suits your knowledge and experience.

Clean Up Your Social Media Disasters

While we spend a lot of time perfecting our resumes and cover letters, we really don’t consider to check our social media profiles and perfect it. Many a time, employers want to conduct a thorough background check for the executive they are hiring to run the company. So, it is not uncommon for them to pop up your name on Google search and check your social media profiles. Various profiles on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be kept clean and professional. All of the questionable posts should be hidden and out of the public eye. This will help you get noticed. A good and clean social media profile is extremely important today to land the managerial job of your dream.

Learn the Language

Though most people in German communicate in English, and many of the business operations are conducted in English, it is highly recommended to hone your German skills. In fact, knowing the language adds to your credibility. Not only does it aid speaking to the locals, but your scope of finding a job also widens. Knowing German can help you make a strong impression on the interviewer as well. Being in the top-level position and knowing the language is like an added leverage. You can attend professional courses to brush your German language skills and further become an expert in it.

So, are you ready to take over the managerial positions in Germany? Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and you will be able to fast-track your job search in the country. Reputed consultancies assist in international search executive. Employ the services today for easy, smooth and positive results.

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