Category: Headhunting

Category: Headhunting

Which Are The Top Red Flags Headhunters Check for on LinkedIn?


Major headhunting firms are always busy finding the best candidate for their client company. In doing so, they make the most impactful use of LinkedIn, which has become an effective tool for a close candidate search. However, while doing so, headhunting firms like us come across certain aspects which are a big ‘no no’. These … Continue reading “Which Are The Top Red Flags Headhunters Check for on LinkedIn?”

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How Can HR Departments Benefit From Headhunting Firms?


Every human resource (HR) department is weighed down by many responsibilities that are mainly meant for this department. However, the HR departments sometimes have to fulfil other duties and responsibilities that belong to another department. One such task is to recruit candidates for vacant positions in the company. Even though they accomplish the recruitment goals, … Continue reading “How Can HR Departments Benefit From Headhunting Firms?”

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Differences Between Headhunting and Recruiting Services


The terms headhunting and recruitment are often mistaken, and most people believe that they are nothing different but the same. To break such myths, you only need to learn about their true nature and the most striking differences between the two. This blog will thus help you to seek headhunting firms and recruitment agencies accordingly … Continue reading “Differences Between Headhunting and Recruiting Services”

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