Category: recruitment consultant

Category: recruitment consultant

Making an Interview Presentation Successful


Professionals the world over consider clear communication as an important requirement for success in any job, more so with pressurised interview situations. There is an increasing tendency among interviewers to ask job candidates in presenting their achievements and skill set as a live presentation. The recruitment process for careers like sales, public relations, marketing, and … Continue reading “Making an Interview Presentation Successful”

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Top 5 Ways in which Technology will Streamline the Recruitment Process


Recruitment processes bear immense significance in building the base of an organisation. Efficient employees fitting the organisational mission and vision are the assets of the company. Non-industry people might hold different views. For them, the entire process of recruitment is nothing but job posting, taking interviews and onboarding. However, actually, the intricate process includes candidate … Continue reading “Top 5 Ways in which Technology will Streamline the Recruitment Process”

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The Impact of Trump Government on the USA Job Market


The experts were apprehending the impact of the bold economic reforms undertaken by the Trump government. However, based on the official reports published in the month of December 2017, the tax reform is paying back and most importantly, the manufacturing industry is roaring back on tracks with 31,000 skilled workforces being added in the month … Continue reading “The Impact of Trump Government on the USA Job Market”

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