Barriers That Tech Giants Need to Overcome in the Recent Times


Over the past couple of years, the international job market has faced the blows of the pandemic. And also not to forget the recent war. These two events have not spared any of the job sectors or industries. Presently, the technology industry is recuperating from the aftermath of these events and is trying its best to overcome the hiring barriers. As it was evident that the aftermath had resulted in significant layoffs, executive search companies are presently helping the tech giants get over the hiring gloom.


Through this blog, we shall address the issues and problems that the tech stalwarts face when it comes to hiring, especially in recent times. Besides, we shall also look at the possible ways to help the tech companies pull themselves out of the hiring ‘black hole’.

Hiring Barriers Faced by  Tech Giants in Recent Times

What are the significant hiring challenges?

Hiring challenges may occur for many reasons, and at times, even though these problems are glaring at our faces, we fail to recognize these. Therefore, the enlisted challenges in the following paragraphs will enable you to identify the hiring problems and find the immediate solutions for them by engaging one of the best executive search companies. It is necessary to add here that the significant hiring challenges lie with finding the most appropriate candidate for a particular job position.


Let us take a look at these problems now.


  1. Lack of local talents and skills

Any company, be it a law firm, an IT firm, or any other, would prefer to hire local candidates, which makes for an inexpensive hire. But what happens when local candidates’ required technical talents and skills are missing? Unfortunately, this is precisely where tech giants are facing an obstruction. Since local candidates lack talents and abilities and the required degrees, qualifications, or experience to qualify for a senior-level job role, hiring is becoming difficult. And the top executive search companies have been pointing out this issue recently.


  1. The inability of the candidate to shift for a job opportunity

When hiring a foreign candidate, the challenges are also high—beginning with the financial investments. When the tech giants hire befitting foreign candidates, they have to pitch them with undeniable pay packages and incentives. Besides salary, this might include travel and rent allowances, payment for internet connections, medical expenses, and employee insurance. The entire pay package per annum will shoot up by manifold. All these come to question when the candidate is unwilling to shift to the job location. Even though tech giants are coming to terms with this issue, they still have a long way to go.


  1. Unavailability of ‘good’ candidates

Before we proceed with this point, we would like you to explain who is a ‘good candidate’. Take a minute and then proceed to read.

The definition or meaning of ‘good’ will vary from one company to another. And this is what is surfacing as a challenge for many of the top technology companies. A candidate might have the appropriate degrees, talents, skills, and even experience but might not be a ‘good’ choice for that specific company. Therefore, hiring once again becomes challenging when there is a dearth of ‘good’ candidates.


What are the possible solutions to these hiring challenges?

Premium headhunting and executive search companies believe that the recent hiring challenges in the technology industry can be aborted with a strategic and well-planned hiring process. The executive recruiting companies are trained and skilled to do the needful so that they can be of immense help to the tech giants.


  1. Invest in premium executive search companies

As a tech business owner, you would choose to address the challenges of hiring with immediate effect. Invest in engaging one of the most premium executive search companies rather than squandering your money on unsuitable candidates and futile hiring phases. As they are committed to hiring exclusively talented, skilled, and experienced candidates, they will fulfil your need to hire the most befitting candidate without any delay or mistake. Moreover, they always have a list of shortlisted candidates beforehand and can produce their resumes to you instantly.


  1. Do not compromise with ‘good’ candidates.

When the executive search companies provide you with the choicest candidates, contact them. It is pointless to postpone things for later. If the candidates qualify as ‘good’ candidates, ensure that you are ready to compromise a little. Best hires happen when adjustments and acceptance come from both the company and the candidates. Moving forward into the future, you can always train, upskill and reskill a dedicated candidate. When you find ‘good’ talents, do not let them go.



If you are also facing such obstacles in hiring and recruiting senior-level executives, contact the Konfer Executive Group at your earliest convenience. This one of the best headhunting and executive search companies has the latest hiring tools and techniques to acquire the best talents and skills in the technology industry. You can place your sensitive information and data with them without fear of these being leaked. Their reception, service, hiring strategies, and pace of work at Konfer Executive Group are simply world-class. Also, they maintain all international hiring standards without fail to keep no stone unturned to deliver the most befitting candidate for you.

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