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Freelance recruiter

The global business landscape is increasingly shaped by the gig economy where flexible jobs have become commonplace. Furthermore, there has been an increasing tendency among professionals, especially those belonging to the technology domain, to switch jobs rather frequently. This high rate of attrition is often pushing companies to the brink as they find it difficult to replace expertise and experience in a short period. The problem becomes increasingly acute for start-ups and SMEs, for they do not have the deep pockets or the much needed time frame to groom the new candidates according to their work and cultural ethos. With the level of competition increasing every day, companies on a limited hiring budget are finding it difficult to source professionals across their power pyramid.

What ails the start-ups or SMEs’ hiring ability?

If you happen to helm a start-up or SME, you need to optimize your spending in order to compete with others and achieve ROI. However, the rising cost of hiring can shackle your ability to get the best professionals for your company. Also, certain fears as mentioned below are intrinsic to any hiring process, which as an employer, may lurk in your mind.

Bad hiring: The expanding job market often draws individuals who are not worth the price tags they carry (read the perks). These, instead of adding value to their respective job profiles, might end up damaging the business prospects of your company.

Hiring window: The process to hire professionals can be a long winding one since it involves steps like preparation, sourcing, screening, selecting, hiring, and onboarding of candidates. This delay can have a cascading impact on the operations workflow thereby impacting the competitiveness of your company.

High hiring cost: Sourcing professionals from a search or recruitment agency can come at a high cost. This can hit your company’s bottom line and make the final products or services dearer thus reducing your competitiveness.

So, what is the way out? How to keep your cost of hiring at a manageable level and ensure profitability? The answer lies in engaging a freelance recruitment service.

What is a freelance recruitment service and how can it help your cause?

In this model, a hiring consultant helps to search suitable talent for various open positions in companies that are on a limited hiring budget. Here, the consultant understands the pain areas of companies and deliver customized solutions to ease them. This model provides a slew of benefits for start-ups or SMEs as discussed below.

Single point of contact: When a company engages a recruitment agency to fulfill its hiring needs, it may have to deal with multiple points of contacts in the latter agency. This can create bottlenecks in communication, especially when it comes to seeking updates. However, a freelance recruiter can streamline the communication process by seamlessly integrating with your in-house recruitment team.

Affordable: Since an executive recruitment company or agency has to maintain an infrastructure and costly overheads, engaging its services is costly. However, a freelance recruiter works alone, either remotely or by integrating with your hiring team. Since he or she does not need to maintain any overheads, the search for talent comes at an affordable price point.

Quality hires: A freelance hiring consultant manages the entire recruitment lifecycle to deliver an all-encompassing service. By virtue of being organized and possessing time management and prioritization skills, the searches are timely. The consultant stresses on the tedious task of vetting candidates by verifying their skills, certifications, accolades etc. He or she is experienced at identifying the skills and personality traits of a potential candidate. This ensures the candidate is a perfect fit for the open position in your organization.

Conclusion : A start-up company or SME like yours needs candidates to add value and deliver quality outcomes within stringent timelines. He or she should be aligned with the cultural ethos of your organization. A freelance recruitment service can help you achieve these objectives and search quality hires at costs that are well within your hiring budget. So, should you want to hire a freelance recruiter on a short to long term project at an affordable cost, visit: www.konferexegroup.com/freelance-recruiter-service. You may also have a talk at www.calendly.com/robsamuda.

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