Five Focal Areas To Help Europe Prosper with Changes


As part of its campaign to deal with the labour markets, the World Employment Confederation Europe has proposed five focal areas as well as few policy measures that would help the people of Europe and companies to adjust themselves to the changing world of work.

The policy measures are:

  • Promote various forms of work that would fuel inclusion of more people into the labour market.
  • Help EU citizens in adjusting themselves to the changing world of work.
  • Improve the single market economy to give a boost to the growth and job potential of the various businesses.
  • Reconsider the various protection scheme to help keep up with the national social models.
    Bring in effective strengthening of collaboration between the various labour market intermediaries to help in improving their potential manifold.

The confederation reached this decision as it found that the growing mismatch between the world of work and various social systems has led to a situation where Europe could find itself at risk of losing talents as well as competitiveness, while the social integration keeps weakening. Although there is a positive trend to be seen in the employment and social indicators of Europe, the labour market fails to provide the real benefits to the various countries of Europe and their citizens.


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