Leveraging Video in Modern Talent Acquisition.


Plain and dull content fails to reach a mass audience in the online world. Hence, the demand for immersive and engaging videos is quite high on social media platforms. Today, video content is a persuasive and powerful medium in talent acquisition, as it gets candidates attention by conveying emotions and telling inspiring stories. That’s why it is increasingly becoming a great tool for executive search companies to find the best talents for their clients.

How Video Is Revolutionising Talent Acquisition
Wondering how you can use video to recruit top talents? Find out how executive search companies are using videos to hunt for top talents.

Better Candidate Reach and Effectiveness

It’s undeniable that a video is more effective in showcasing job opportunities, and that too in a shareable format. By leveraging social media and video platforms, recruiters are using engaging videos to capture the attention of a wider audience, including passive job seekers. Furthermore, videos can be distributed and shared easily, which increases their reach, thereby helping to find potential candidates who couldn’t have been found by other alternative methods.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

When it comes to attracting and retaining the best talents, candidate experience plays a significant role. As per the LinkedIn’s Top100 Hiring Statistics of 2022, 4 out of 5 candidates agreed that the overall experience is a portrayal of the ways a company treats and regards its people. Furthermore, 60% of job searchers have experienced a negative applicant experience. That’s a valid justification for using video to enhance the candidate’s experience. Employers may use video to provide a more immersive and personalised experience for candidates as well as to bring a human touch to the hiring process.

Effective Storytelling and Communication

As told before, video is a great tool to convey inspiring tales. That’s why it serves as the best way to highlight brand narratives, the values, and the special selling points of the company. With visual storytelling, it’s more effective to capture a candidate’s imagination than by other means. You can leave a lasting impression that will generate a desire to join that organisation in the coming days.

Exhibiting Organisation’s Values and Culture in the Best Way

Culture is a significant factor that plays a big role in the recruitment process. With a video, it’s easy for executive search companies to offer a glimpse into the organisation’s work culture and employee experiences. Content ideas like office tours, employee testimonials, and team-building efforts give an idea of the work dynamics and values of a company. It helps the candidates assess themselves and how they can easily fit into and become a part of the company. Consequently, it attracts candidates who are looking to work at a place whose culture and values align with theirs.

What Are the Best Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Videos?

So it’s clear that video can impact a recruitment process to a great degree by attracting potential talents. Let’s find out the ideal ways to improve a hiring strategy using a video.

Job Postings

A compelling job description is essential to getting the attention of the best talents in the job market. However, incorporating a video into job postings can do much more. Engaging and immersive job videos are being increasingly used by top companies to attract both active and passive job seekers. With the help of a video, it’s possible to describe the role, responsibilities, and qualifications that the position requires so that candidates can get a detailed idea of what the role demands. Simultaneously, video is a great way of exhibiting the selling points of the organisation so that it leaves a lasting impression on the candidate.

Leveraging Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

Yes, you can use pre-recorded video interviews as the primary step to pre-screen interviewees. The idea is to prepare pre-scripted questions or tasks that will offer recruiters insights into the candidate’s problem-solving and communication skills. If they are accomplished perfectly, it helps the candidates showcase their talent in a more dynamic way.

Virtual Interviews

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, virtual interviews using video tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have grown in popularity. Also, geographical boundaries are removed, the initial screening process is streamlined, and time and money are saved via virtual interviews. It has been found that 85 percent of the companies conducted virtual interviews during the pandemic lockdown situation. Also, 93% of others stated that they would follow this procedure in the future too (source: 2021 Indeed survey). Recruiters need to make sure the video conferencing technology is dependable and easy to use in order to conduct productive video interviews. In addition, observing nonverbal signs and communication abilities demonstrated during the interview can assist in determining a candidate’s appropriateness for the position and the company’s culture.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials can work magic if they are made in an engaging way. It will amplify the organisation’s brand value before the candidates to a great degree. So the best thing to do is have your employees talk about the reasons for working at your organisation, what they love the most about the company, and other things that will earn the viewer’s trust. The intention is to offer insights into positive experiences that a prospective candidate will enjoy once they join the organisation. Also, a valuable viewpoint is added to your employer brand narrative, and your capacity to achieve results is highlighted by including customer testimonials.

How Konfer Executive Group Can Help You

Video has become a potent tool in talent acquisition and employer branding in today’s competitive talent market. You may expand the pool of candidates you reach, enhance the applicant experience and engagement, clearly convey your company’s culture and values, and differentiate yourself from the competition by introducing video into your hiring strategy. Utilising video in job advertisements, interviews, tests, and recommendations enables you to improve your hiring procedure and create a powerful employer brand.

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