Preparing correctly for your Executive Interview


To ace that executive job interview, an individual needs to prepare well. Now, I know you’re probably thinking “Of course I know how to interview, I’m an Executive who’s interviewed loads of people through my job” Well…sorry to say, yes you may have, but now it’s you being the interviewee not the interviewer, so egos have to go.

Proper research forms one of the primary criteria in the check list. Here are 4 basic key strategies to successfully cross the hurdle and bag that desired role.

Think, then answer

Simple questions like basic information about the individual at times makes the candidate stutter. This is one of the most basic and important question and forms an integral part of the primary round of the interview. The interviewer generally wants to see how articulate the candidate is, how they handle themselves in unstructured situations. This also gives them an idea regarding how well you would be able to interact with people you come into contact with on the job. This question should be handled carefully as this provides an opportunity for the individual to outline their achievements, their areas of strength and also form a positive impression on the interviewer.

The right response is twofold: Focus more on what the interviewer might be interested in knowing. Secondly, highlight your most important accomplishments. These might be your positions of responsibility or how well you handled a difficult situation. (Don’t forget, the Interviewer is looking at you as an investment and whether you are worth taking the risk. Whether you will be able to take their business or department to the next level)

It is best not to dwell on your personal history too much unless they ask for it. The key is to match your qualifications to what the interviewer is looking for.


If you want to make a good first impression at your executive job interview then you must be aware of the importance of research. It is advisable to be knowledgeable about the company you are going to work for. Research online and gather as much information as you can about the company and one who will be interviewing you. Executive recruiters are always pleased when you talk about past press releases, their revenue numbers, quote statistics, and also say a thing or two about the top officials of the company. Know the company, their industry and also about their competitors. Let the interviewer understand how serious you are about the job.

Mention your Strengths and Weaknesses

This is again one of the stock questions that the interviewer will ask. Prepare beforehand. Do not sound too arrogant when you mention your strengths; describe your skills that are relevant to the job you are currently applying for. Be sure to offer specific evidence and always avoid clichés and generalities.

When you mention your weaknesses, you can admit responsibility and be open to receiving constructive criticism. Be honest with yourself and let them know that you are working on this so that it does not hamper you in the future. (Always remember, investment and your worth to them for taking the risk)

Explain the Reason Behind the Last Job Change

For job positions at prominent levels, issues related to personality and temperament matter more than other things. The reason is competence is not questioned since an individual cannot rise to the position of an executive if there was a question regarding their competence. Hence those are the only two issues that matter. All parties want to be sure if you will be a right fit for the present company. They might also be looking for signs which might indicate a potential personality problem. Be honest and straightforward and highlight the positive developments that have resulted from your departure whether it was because you wanted to take up a more challenging job role, or you had gone as far as you could in your previous position at the last company.

Follow these steps to make sure that you are prepared for that interview.

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