The Significance of Hong Kong in the Chinese Economy


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The Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong has always played the role of an interconnector between China and rest of the world. Trade and investment flowed both ways via Hong Kong. However, if we compare the current GDP of Hong Kong with that in the year 1997 when it was merged with China, we would find that instead of being an independent economic superpower, Hong Kong has reversed its role. It is now complementing the economic growth of China.

For the Chinese Economy, Hong Kong is Crucial

Hong Kong has remained crucial for the Chinese economy. In the recent years, it has consolidated its position and has proved that in the field of equity finance, business houses rely on it more than the mainland. Since the year 2012, Chinese business organisations have made an earning of $43 billion via the public offerings versus the earning of $25 billion on mainland transactions.

Hong Kong has offered a platform to the Chinese organisations to access the global capital markets for financing the bonds and loans. It is the centre for making an investment in both ways. Hong Kong drives in a huge portion of Foreign Direct Investment into the Chinese economy.

All-Inclusive Growth of the Chinese Economy

It is the good side of the Chinese economy that the growth results have percolated throughout the cities. At present, the 200+ rapidly rising cities in China with more than 1 million population are equally participating in the overall development of GDP. Hence, no single city could boast of being the biggest contributor to the economic growth.

Why Global Business Houses Prefer Hong Kong over the Mainland China?

Forget about the restaurant chain (Mainland China). We are talking about the Chinese mainland and finding out the reasons why the global business leaders select Hong Kong over it while they stage post their investment. There are things exclusive to Hong Kong.

The investment environment is more stable in Hong Kong and there are courts that enforce the fair rule of law. In addition, the city never steps back to embrace financial reforms like the introduction of Yuan as a global currency; dim sum bond market and playing the role of a global platform for buying Chinese listed shares.

Hong Kong Job Market

According to a World Bank report, Hong Kong is a popular global destination for conducting business. Qualified and experienced professionals look forward to jumpstarting their career in Hong Kong. Proficient recruitment consultants help the employers to appoint senior executives and qualified workforce who could justify their job roles and steer the organisation towards the path of growth, development and prosperity.

The organisations can contact the recruitment consultants for getting a professional assistance for Hong Kong executive search. The consultants could help them fulfil the requirements of job positions both on a long-term and on an interim basis. As, in Hong Kong, there is no dearth of highly qualified graduates and professional expats, the list of the most desirable candidates is very long. One has to tap the right recruitment consultant.

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