Tag: CIO Executive search

Tag: CIO Executive search

Making an Interview Presentation Successful


Professionals the world over consider clear communication as an important requirement for success in any job, more so with pressurised interview situations. There is an increasing tendency among interviewers to ask job candidates in presenting their achievements and skill set as a live presentation. The recruitment process for careers like sales, public relations, marketing, and … Continue reading “Making an Interview Presentation Successful”

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The Role of CIO In Technologically Driven Businesses


The Chief Information Officer, aka CIO, is the corporate executive looking after the various strategies in information technology (IT) and their implementation in an organization.   The Role of a Chief Information Officer The role of CIO is typically to look after the technologies that are being used in the organization, and providing information and … Continue reading “The Role of CIO In Technologically Driven Businesses”

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Want To Become A Senior Manager? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So


Working hard to reach a certain position in life feels great. Becoming a manager is a great way to boost a professionals’ advancement in his/her career. Not only does the remuneration increases, but so does the status quo. Managers and IT executives are responsible for everything that goes on in an organization. From coordinating teams … Continue reading “Want To Become A Senior Manager? Here Are 5 Ways To Do So”

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