The Missing Role of Women in Executive Positions in Australia


The missing role of women in executive positions in australia

Australia over the years has had an amazing growth in the job sector. However, a recent study has revealed that the corporate world in the country has no women in the top management position. All the executive positions are occupied by men, read the report.

Further, it highlighted that only 12% of women are employed in revenue-generating jobs, which is the first step to becoming top-level executives in various companies.

Most of the women are hired in the human resources sectors that do not lead all the way to the top of the ladder. Only 7% of women are hired as CEOs in any company and again just 12% make it as the CFO. About 59% of the companies in the country do not have any executive roles for women. The number becomes even more surprising as the report revealed that only 34% of women hold functional jobs in various establishments.

However, the scenario changes completely in the public sector for five out of the nine senior executives in a leading establishment like Australia Post is held by women.

The lack of diversity in the private sector is worrying and discouraging for many, and the fight against this inequality has been bought over several times in the last few years. According to experts, the stark difference in the role of women between the private and public sectors is the basic understanding of the industry. While public sectors are aiming for a long-term goal, private sectors are more inclined towards meeting short-term goals. This makes change a difficult thing to implement. Hence, the age-old tradition of men in the leading roles stay put, stated the experts.

However, there is still a silver lining with companies showing interest in hiring women for the executive positions. Lip service is not equivalent to making changes and further implementing them. The entire process will take a lot of time, and will require massive changes in the way people think and the way a company runs. It is in a direct change of the values. Therefore, seeing women in the leading positions may take some time but it is under the process.

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