How Executive Search Can Solve the Current Skills Deficit?


According to the latest research by Virgin Media O2 Business and Censuswide, 55% of the organisations in the UK are facing talent shortages as the war for talent rages on. Needless to say, technology is a key battleground in contemporary times. In such circumstances, UK employees are saying that they don’t have the required digital training, while half of the firms are preparing to return to pre-Covid technologies.

At present, companies are in a strange situation as they can neither afford to run with unfilled vacancies nor they can fill them with unsuitable candidates since it will impact them in the long term. When it comes to senior-level positions, it becomes significant to ensure that the best talents are appointed as they can bring a difference to the bottom line of the organisation. It’s important because you need someone with talent and experience to steer the organisation during tough economic climates.

As most employers work hard to retain these great performers, most of these candidates hardly look for a change.  In other words, it becomes an even bigger recruitment challenge to find these candidates.

Fortunately, there are executive recruiting firms that are known for delivering recruitment solutions and the things a firm requires to attract the ideal talent for a company.

Skill Shortage? Executive Search Can Help!
Worried about skill shortage? Check out how executive search firms are helping companies face skill deficit problems.

How Executive Search or Headhunting Firms Help Companies Find the Right Candidates?

It isn’t that hard to find individuals for entry-level or mid-tier positions, you can easily hire regular recruitment agencies for it or take advantage of job advertising boards. However, finding a talented and experienced candidate for senior roles can be a daunting task. For starters, the number of candidates for senior positions is less. Secondly, they don’t have the time or interest to look for a new job (as their employers usually keep them satisfied).

This is where headhunting comes to the rescue of the companies suffering from a lack of growth due absence of a talented candidate. Executive search companies are known for identifying passive candidates who are ideal for the vacant senior position in a company. They find those people who cannot be found active or present on job portals or those who don’t respond to job advertisements.

Watch out for recruitment agencies who claim to offer headhunting services, but they don’t have the experience or knowledge. Actual headhunting is in-depth research work and requires a wide network of executive professionals as well as a global network in various industries. Besides, candidates are required to be approached directly and sometimes it is needed to scour the complete market to find the ideal candidate.


Delivers according to the organisation’s requirements 

The method of headhunting involves relationship building. It is far from just contacting people through different job portals or keeping a database of candidates who’ve been in senior positions in the past and sending them emails.

Headhunting is a proactive process that finds individuals with enough experience and skill to fill a vacant position in an organisation. Reputed executive search firms have specialists who have expertise in various industries that helps them find the right candidates based on the requirement of a firm.


The cultural fit factor

Another great advantage of having a headhunting organisation is they do all the hard work of recruiting on the organisation’s behalf. After suitable candidates have been identified and approached, the next step is to assess their quality by doing an initial interview to sort out the best from the rest.

Such a process involves in-depth cultural and behavioural profiling to make sure that the individual is an ideal cultural fit for the firm. It’s a part of the headhunting process that is skipped by many firms even though it’s significant. Cultural fit is an important factor which ensures that the candidate will prove to be a long-term success in the organisation.

That’s why companies who hire executive search firms receive the best of the best candidates who are suitable for the opportunity. Nevertheless, the headhunter is required to be there throughout the different interview processes to offer an objective opinion regarding the individual’s performance.  Furthermore, the headhunter should also play a significant part in the package negotiation or any offer given to the candidate.


Headhunting is a process that mostly involves focussing on the passive candidates in the job market who aren’t actively searching for a new opportunity. However, they may consider a new position if approached in an appropriate way. Hiring a headhunting company offers the advantage of finding these passive candidates and choosing the best among them for a senior position in a company. Executive search firms know how to attract them and determine the best among them as per the requirements of an organisation. They will ensure that the entire process is done confidentially so that it doesn’t affect the company’s reputation or impact the work environment in any way.

A reputed executive search firm maintains a talent pipeline of top performers who are known for excelling in their current roles and may be interested in a job change. Convincing a talented employee to move from one organisation to another could be challenging, especially when these employees generate a lot of revenue for a company.

Fortunately, headhunting companies are known for their talent and techniques that help identify them and attract these candidates to your company.

At Konfer Executive group, we are cross-market specialists, which means we have in-depth expertise and a wide network across different industries globally. It’s one of our qualities that offers a great advantage to our clients, especially in a skill-deficit environment. We have the experience, network, and skills to help you find the best candidate for a senior-level position. To know more about our services, contact us today.

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