Recruitment Trends & Challenges in the Transport & Logistics Industry.


Every industry goes through a spell of recruitment which might be massive pressure on its part. This is why contacting one of the top headhunters in Germany keeps them at ease and gets the job of successfully recruiting mid to senior-level candidates.


Top Trends & Challenges

We have discussed the top trends and challenges in the following paragraphs.

The Transport & Logistics Industry: Recruitment Trends & Challenges
Do you want to acquaint yourself with the significant recruitment trends & challenges in the transport & logistics industry? Please read this blog to learn about it all.
  1. Difficulty in filling in job roles

The transport and logistics sector is scrambling to find the capacity to keep inventory moving during a lockdown as consumer demand for goods rises steadily. However, one of the most significant difficulties is filling in new positions. There is also a severe labour shortage in the sector, resulting in limited recruitment. Employers are currently looking for strategies to draw candidates to the different positions that require immediate filling. This is where we come to play as a top headhunting firm. Konfer Executive Group is equipped to bring under its control situations where there are limited scopes of hiring, yet the job roles are promising. We do an excellent job!


  1. Acquiring promising candidates is trying.

When employees are unfamiliar with the procedures of the logistics and transport industry, it becomes even more challenging, necessitating the initial hiring of qualified, experienced candidates who need little training. As a result, employers in the transport and logistics industries are having trouble filling positions due to a lack of skills, credentials, and experience. This is evident in many areas of the industry, where higher-skilled posts are more challenging to fill than lower-skilled ones. To fill these kinds of positions, top executive recruiting firms related to the industry are turning to more sophisticated techniques for talent attraction, just the way we are doing at Konfer Executive Group.


  1. Lack of suitable candidates

Another nightmare we often face is several vacancies but not enough qualified candidates to shoulder the responsibilities. The most prevalent issue for recruiters is the skills gap among the applicants. As a result, headhunting specialists are forced to screen and eliminate pointless applications and profiles. Dozens of rounds of interviews are frequently the result, which can take a lot of time. So, we, as a team, advise you to spend a while creating thoughtful, deliberate job descriptions. The talent shortage problem is exacerbated by companies looking for candidates with a broad set of skills ranging from technical to soft skills. The solution to this problem is to create flexible position descriptions that prioritise specific skills in line with job requirements. We are sure this will be of immense help.


  1. Diversity and inclusion

The statistics are ominous. Over 86% of the workforce in logistics is male and almost 90% white. The percentage of women working in the industry decreased in the previous year. In addition to assisting with the recruitment mentioned above difficulties, inclusive cultures are profitable. According to a report, logistics companies with more women on the board surpass their rival companies. They experienced a 16% greater return on sales and a 26% greater return on the capital invested. There is more at stake in this situation than just perception. As one of the top headhunters in Germany, we are considering how to make job roles more appealing to candidates with various personal conditions with colour, creed, and gender no bar.


  1. Making fruitful negotiations

Even if a potential candidate is about to be recruited by a transport and logistics company, salary negotiations might not be a cakewalk. There have been difficult situations that we headhunters have faced in the final rounds of hiring. Although we prepare the client companies about how to negotiate with the final candidates, the course of conversation tends to change the negotiation strategy. If things go well, good, but if the negotiation does not go well, we lose a befitting candidate.


Our path is beset with difficulties and challenges, but we never let those take us down. Instead, we become more robust and well-prepared each time to emerge victorious in all our endeavors.


Final Words:

Konfer Executive Group is your one-stop destination to find the most befitting candidate for your transport and logistics company. Since we have known this sector’s recruitment challenges and shortcomings for so long, we have suitable remedies and plans to overcome these and help acquire the best candidate for you. Moreover, we are one of the most ambitious executive recruiting firms in Germany that works for several national and international companies. Therefore, if you are willing to avail yourself of our services, kindly contact us.

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