The Best Ways to Answer “What Would You Improve About Yourself?”


Today, you can watch some YouTube videos and easily prepare for an interview to highlight your value as a candidate. However, some standard questions can trip up even the fittest candidates. “What Would You Improve About Yourself?” falls among those questions to which several candidates fail to respond properly.

So, if you’re being asked, “What Would You Improve About Yourself?” do you have the right answer to impress the other side of the table?

It needs to be understood that those who are self-deprecating appear to be deficient in self-awareness. On the other hand, those who are unwilling to accept their faults can seem arrogant. Even if you take the help of a personal recruiter service, you won’t be able to escape the impact of answering this question wrongly.

How to Answer "What Would You Improve About Yourself?"
Find out the tips to help you craft a thoughtful response to the question “What Would You Like to Improve About Yourself?” in an interview.

So what’s the best way to answer this question? Let’s find out at the following points:

Check out the five best approaches to this question:

  • Sell Your Adaptability

It goes without saying that in every industry, there are always changes waiting to happen. It could be legislative, technological, or cultural. Being aware of what is around the corner for organisations is a wise approach to this question. It offers the opportunity to say how keen you are to garner knowledge and enhance your expertise as per the upcoming changes. In this way, you can prove yourself as a forward-thinking and proactive candidate who can handle change.

Show Them You Are Open to Criticism

In your last job, were you pointed at the areas you could improve by your manager? That’s a good thing! Now you’ve got a great scope to talk about how you contemplated that feedback, found out it was right, and took action to work on those areas. Now, it’s important to present it as an ongoing process that you are working on to improve with time. Simultaneously, tell them how your actions are paying off, such as how your productivity has increased and your contributions to teamwork have developed to a great degree.

Prove Them How You’re Accepting Responsibilities and Change

Demonstrate your acceptance of the process of maturation and professional development. Most employers are aware that we change with time. You may discuss how you value work-life balance more today than you did earlier in your career or how you enjoy mentoring younger employees. Make sure you still respond to their inquiry by describing how this is helping you become a better person and employee.

Stop Focussing on the Gaps Regarding the Necessary Skills for the Position

Needless to say, it’s best to avoid talking about the areas where you need improvement, which are essential for the role you’re applying for. Make sure to focus on a skill that is less essential but also important for the role and how it can bridge that gap. Stay prepared to counterbalance it with your in-depth knowledge of the other must-haves for the position. If you can nail this part of the answer, the interviewer will find you capable as well as someone who can learn with time.

Think About Your References

Consider how your past colleagues and employers would respond if the same question was asked about you. Thinking about the responses of your references will help you formulate an answer that will tell them how you’re actively working to get better in those areas.

Expert Advice

Use the question, “Is there anything about yourself that you wish to change?” as a chance to make a good impression during the interview session. Your interviewer wants to see that you are self-aware, coachable, and receptive to feedback, regardless of where you are in your professional growth. Give a thoughtful response that illustrates your suitability for the position and dedication to lifelong learning. Always refer to your work style and performance profile assessment scores to get an idea of where you need to improve as you get ready for this interview question.

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