Top Destinations in the USA for Manufacturing Jobs


Top destinations in USA for manufacturing job

Once, manufacturing industry used to play a pivotal role in the overall job market. Its share in the job market has been declining globally but its economic contribution holds on its earlier importance. In the USA, the manufacturing industry had provided employment to 12 million workers in the year 2013. This was not all. It had also generated 17.1 million jobs, indirectly.

Some destinations offer better opportunities for manufacturing jobs. Like the State of New York that employs 451,200 people in the manufacturing sector and is stressing about advanced materials. North Carolina employs 460,200 people and is also the top car exporter of the country. The list of illustrious car manufacturers located here include the likes of BMW. The state of Wisconsin employs 472,400 people.

The list is topped by the state of California that employs 1,284,100 people that comprises 8% of the total workforce. Nestle and Glendale are 2 most illustrious organizations operating their manufacturing units from here. Texas follows next and employs 848,100 staff in manufacturing. The number of employees at Dell alone is 22,000. In the production of plastics, rubber and composites, Ohio leads the way. The state employs around 687,400 people in different sub-sectors of the manufacturing industry. The US recruitment consultants are hopeful of the whole scenario.
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