An Exclusive Report On Predictions in the Global Job Market


The year 2018 is appearing to be exciting for the job aspirants as the corporate world is innovating and growing globally. The IMF said that the global economic activity is gaining momentum and the tax cuts made by Trump will stimulate it further. It has revised its data for global growth forecasts and kept it 3.9% from its earlier prediction of 3.7%.

The pundits are busy predicting the trends and we believe that below mentioned factors will influence the business world in the coming months.

There is a growing demand for niche knowledge and skills. Changing standards in data protection; new legislation; new developments in security and analytics are raising the demand for specialist knowledge and adaptive skills. Some veteran Chief Information Officer search consultants are of the opinion that the knowledge on Artificial Intelligence will come in handy.

The influence of tax regime is increasing in the middle-east. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are introducing VAT which will be followed by others in the coming months. Experts predict that with the introduction of VAT, other types of taxes will be levied soon.

Workplace diversity is gaining momentum. Some companies have started investing in talent search and development. Many employers will push for cultural diversity especially recruiting more females at the workplace.

A higher demand for professionals in the emerging markets will offer more scopes to the experienced employees. Countries like Brazil, China, India, UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia could be new destinations for the qualified professionals.

Till now, the predictions are pointing at a bright future. Nevertheless, the trends should be explored further after making a thorough investigation.
Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

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