What are the Expectations of Executives from the Process of Hiring?


expectations of recruiters

When you are about to hire an executive, be more attentive. If your organisation has a robust system of hiring, it is good. However, the executive headhunters could help you with a more streamlined approach taking care of basic human needs of physical and mental satisfaction. Here are some tips from the experts who have spent considerable years in international executive search.

A practical and humane approach

The C-level employees expect decency and to-the-point approach from the hiring division of a company. Hence, the outcome of the interview should be conveyed as soon as is possible. You may be running a big brand company having a well-known face. Please do not expect all to have the knowledge of your company address. Specifically mention it in the email along with nearby landmarks. When the candidate would arrive, offer him/her snacks with beverages. In case of a rejection, convey the same without losing lots of time and provide a thorough explanation.

Passive candidates are more attracted towards branded companies

Surveys made by some agencies have proved that around 75 per cent of the candidates are passive. They are not in the active process of a job search. However, they are open to explore new opportunities. Hence, if your organisation is capable of offering new opportunities to excel in the career, you stand a better chance of attracting more interested candidates. Survey results speak the same and hold it that the turnover of employees is reduced by 28 per cent in the case of a big brand company.

A survey made by Glassdoor found out that the organisations which regularly respond to company reviews, update company profiles and post updates on the work culture and office environment are likely to be approached by around 69 per cent respondents.

A quick and efficient approach is all you need

Survey reports have concluded that top candidates are hired in the industry within 10 days. Hence, it is not a smart idea to delay your decision. Even when you are conducting the process of evaluation, keep a track of the candidates who have done well in the interview round. Regularly interact with them to let them know the fact that they are in the radar of hiring process and answer their queries.

Some executive headhunters follow unique value strategy for hiring the best candidates. It helps to save time and money for the hiring department.

Match the personality to the job

Most of the organisations give value to evaluate a set of professional skills. Here, a thing or two should be mentioned. Skill sets could be acquired but not the personality. For example, an HR executive should display more empathy in his/her nature than a CIO. The culture of an organisation and the job profile define the person you hire. Thus, care should be taken in matching a personality to the job.

Whenever needed, you can always approach a third-party service provider to aid in your international executive search. To excel in the process of hiring, keep updating.

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