Working Conditions: A Major Factor That Influences Executive Job Seekers


Working condition- a major factor that influences executive job seekers

With the global job market merging together and becoming one, most people are travelling all around the globe to find better opportunities. With the increasing demand for IT executives, it only seems that the number of people travelling has gone up significantly.

According to a report released by a leading institution, there is an anticipated fall of almost 84% in the minimum number of qualified leaders in an organization. With only 18% of the IT executives possessing the right knowledge to lead organizations to a successful position, the need to hire talent from all around the world has also become immense in most companies.

While exciting opportunities are influencing people to travel away from their home country to new places, it has been revealed that rent and transport combined with work conditions are major factors in job consideration. A report focuses on the major economies and how they play out the important factors.

Information technology as a sector has grown rapidly in the USA over the years. While average rent stands at $1671 per month, a transport pass comes for around $94. While the demand for It executives like CIO is high, work conditions have been fluctuating over the last few months. Generous leaves are offered to the executives.

Germany has become one of the leading destinations for job seekers and has been offering great opportunities for top-level management in various industries including Information technology and health sectors. Average rent in major cities in Germany round up to $1,077, transport can cost $111. The Germans are professional in their work approach and allow up to 6 weeks of leave in case of severe illness. Maternity leaves are granted for up to 14 weeks of leave.

Hong Kong has been enjoying a growing market and has become one of the major cities in Asia. Attracting executives in sales, information technology, marketing and finance sectors, Hong Kong has a high cost of living. Rents can be as high as $3210 per month, whereas transport passes are available for just $81. The annual leaves for executives are limited to only 14 days a year.

On the other hand, Australia has been gaining momentum by offering a stable economy to the people working in the country. Rent amounts to $1661 per month in the metropolitans. A transport pass costs about $141. Information technology, construction, education and health are attracting the biggest number of top-level managers. The annual leaves are generous and the country has gained popularity for offering one of the best working conditions in the world.

Thus, the major countries in the world are improving their game. The improved working conditions in most of the major countries provide a great boost to the worldwide economy. Experts are forecasting better conditions in the coming years.


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